Basement wall cracked, bowed, list of foundation repairs per Cleveland Marko

All due respect to Marko, but on this subject we’re NOT there yet.
In this video he claims :25 when a basement wall is cracking, bowing in it is usually because the DRAIN TILE system or grading situation has become poor.
Nonsense. Drain tiles have nothing to do with the water SATURATING the soil against-the-foundation wall ABOVE the lousy drain tiles! The soil is getting wet, expanding against the wall before the water gets down to the drain tiles.

Even if the drain tiles are a–ok, the SOIL above the drain tiles and against the basement wall still gets wet/saturated!!! Sheesh, this isn’t that difficult to understand.

It’s the water, rain…in the soil that expands the clay soil against the wall, NOT drain tiles lol. And don’t forget about tree roots etc against foundation walls.

He goes into his thoughts on carbon fiber straps, beams, wall anchors, inside water-DIVERTING and exterior waterproofing.

When a block or brick foundation wall have BOWED IN, there are EXTERIOR cracks in these walls! So, installing any type of interior basement drainage system and maybe slapping on some carbon F straps for many thousands of dollars doesn’t repair/waterproof any of the open-exterior cracks and cracked parging in these walls!! And installing this crap on the inside obviously does not remove, relieve any exterior lateral soil pressure or tree roots etc against the wall!
Could post many videos just like this, BOWED IN block wall… previous owner got talked into installing an INTERIOR system $$$$$$$$$$, some cracks W I D E N E D, basement still leaked, more mold and efflorescence

SAME house after it was sold and after the lousy interior system was installed… here are, were the real problems ALL ALONG… this was THE solution all along, not the stupid basement drainage system

So i simply wish Mr Marko and others would take some time to understand a bit more of this subject before making some erroneous claims to better help homeowners, sheesh

Hey Mark.
This link below did not want to work, so you know. But it could be my end.

I agree with that, and he gets paid for it too. Sheesh.
You and I should start that gig. ;):mrgreen:

I get heartburn every time I see these block foundations and they wonder why they have cracks.
Besides the fact they backfilled with muck, clay, and junk concrete and other rubble so they did not have to buy a good permeable gravel so as not to load the foundation, they don’t even provide the proper reinforcement for those block walls.

Unless those block walls are inspected properly for the design of the soils used for the backfill for that area, they should not be used.

I would not pay that guy a penny for his advice.

thanks for the heads up on the link Marcel, should be good now.

maybe he’s a wanna-be, get paid for yapping ‘askthebuilder’ Tim Carter.

Last I looked, Timmy gets $5,000 from going to someones house and telling them what their problems is, this does NOT include dinner! got milk?

yes the block walls, see them on 8-9’ DEEP foundation walls, and also looooong walls such as 50’ residential, they are asking a lot of these walls when sooo deep n sooo long, lots of lateral soul weight/pressure to try n withstand, bit skeeeeerry.

$5,000, sure beats Social Security, doesn’t it? LOL

you 'n i could do it for, i dunno, say $1,995…still live good and we’re honest

No doubt there Mark. :slight_smile: