Bowed basement walls, EXTERIOR cracks you dummy's!!!

Duhhh ummm, what ya think is CAUSING the basement walls to bow inward, crack,leak? WHERE is the cause(s)???

LOOK, lolOlOlOooLLL, they are filling in the cracks on the INSIDE!!! lolol

Wall is bowing in…EXTERIOR cracks in the wall man!!!
THAT’S where the water is getting in, through the exterior cracks so…
filling in ANY visible-interior cracks does N O T H I N G!!!

That doesn’t repair,waterproof the exterior cracks!!! ](*,)

And umm duh, none of these BOZO’s are/have relieved,lessened ANY exterior pressure,weight off the walls!!! ](*,)

same incompetent shtt in Ohio, thats O…HIGH…O for these terds.

Same dumb shtt in New York

NONE of them (as usual) have relieved/lessened ANY exterior weight,pressure that most often CAUSES basement wall cracks,leaks and duh walls to bow in!@#$#@!@!@!

Expanding and contracting clay soil and-or, underground tree roots and-or
concrete slabs and-or porch footing etc cause many of the dang cracks,leaks in basement walls and cause the wall to bow in and these butt-brains either don’t care,don’t give a shtt about THAT (the cause) or don’t KNOW…incompetent!! And again, the exterior cracks are STILL…O P E N!

Some blocks and mortar joints will also…deteriorate!!!
Like this…

Same wall is BOWED IN…

And sometimes 1 or more inside-blocks will deteriorate

Interior system was installed, some BEAMS too…over $15,000 spent
Did the companies (2 different interior system companies), did THEY correctly and honestly I–G—dang----DENTIFY the actual problems/causes? NO, thats friggin N…O.

Did either company fix,repair the actual,existing problems? NO, thats friggin N…O.

And, it STILL leaks!!! More mold, more efflorescence, some cracks widening BE----g----dang—CUZ, they incompetently,fraudulently (for self gain) did NOT remove,relieve,lessen the CAUSES of the cracks and leaks and mold etc and instead installed the one stooooooooooooOOOoooopid thing they do!!!

These interior basement system companies have NOT ‘waterproofed’ those basements, BUlll-friggin-shtt man!

They have NOT stopped the water from WHERE it’s FIRST-entering and ummm duh, STILL entering!@#@!@#@!@! How are ya going to stop-prevent mold,efflorescence if you don’t stop the water! What about RADON GAS? Leaving a GAP at,along bottom of wall-floor allows MORE radon gas to enter you foolzz!

And again, they have not removed,relieved,lessened ANY exterior weight,pressure that caused the walls to bow in, crack, leak.

Hey, if and when let’s say…a porch footing has CAUSED aka IS CAUSING a basement wall to bow in, has caused cracks in that bowed wall, which then g dammmit has caused water to enter basement then…YOU need to remove etc the friggin porch footing etc IF you want the problems fixed CORRECTLY!!!

Fc the COST, thing is…have the real problems,causes been HONESTLY and competently diagnosed? And so, if and when a porch footing IS part or all of the problem, the cause of cracks etc then THAT is what needs to be addressed!!! NOT installing a stupid interior system and not filling the cracks you see inside!!!
If the homeowner is given ALL the facts,the causes of why the wall is bowing in etc etc then if THEY decide to hire and install a dumb azz inside system then THAT is on them and LOTS of luck selling that fcd up house/basement…exactly like the one ya see (picas 41)

Yet all i hear and read about is SUPPOSEDLY how honest and how experienced THESE kinds of companies are. This is complete BULLLLshttttttttttttttt! How honest and experienced are THEY when the are doing w t f they’re in the VIDEOS!!! W O W fc g WOW, peeps your getting lied to, misled, misinformed etc by these terds, YES YOU are!!!

Please rise and sing a long to My Old Kentucky Home

…the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home, tis summer and the basement is leaky and inside system companies r gay…

LooooooooooooooooolllllooooooLLLLooloOOOLlllllllllllllllll, it’s the latest bunch of incompetent bullshttt…U S Water-diverting, ‘The soil actually shrank creating openings in the EARTH for water…to run through and into your basement’.

LOlOLlllllllllllllllOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! ](,)](,)](*,)

Has nothing really to do with having cracks, rod holes etc in walls huh.
Nothing ta do with a blockage,clog that just occurred in lateral line huh.
Has nothing ta do with exterior openings along,just above or just below ground that just occurred or just got a little wider which then allowed water to enter huh.

Hmmmmm, lolol, its now GAPS in the EARTH.

Same incompetent statement…

…‘In some cases the prolonged dry spell created gaps in the soil around duh foundation…now the soil is swelling wiff rain and the GAPS ARE LEAKING WATER INTO THE BASEMENT’
Too much to get into right now butttt PAGE 8…
Where it says and where they erroneously claim, Basements Leak at LOWER BLOCK…
"Stains and wetness along the lower block indicate a DRAIN TILE SYSTEM PROBLEM’…LOLOlOlLLolL!!! ](,)](,)](*,)

Here some friggin stains,wetness,efflorescence,mold etc along-on BOTTOM BLOCKS butthead!!! And, the first 3 photos are where INTERIOR SYSTEMS were installed which Duuuuuuhhhh, did NOT stop-prevent the water from where its STILL ENTERING and didn’t stop any dumb azz efflorescence,stains,wetness etc!

Mold,efflorescence etc…still leaking…thats why I’M THERE!!! That’s why they called somebodt else ya fcg dumb azz’z

Here dumb azz…EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging in the basement wall is wt f CAUSED the basement to leak, the BOTTOM blocks to get wet, stain,efflorescence, ZERO to do with some SUPPOSED drain tile system problem!!!@@!@!@@@!!@@@!!!

Down low huh? Problem was exterior crack in block wall, not any supposed rain tile problem!@!@!@#@@!

So these terds are going to CHARGE $ homeowners to…lolol, test their drain tiles huh!!!
Then they’re going to install an interior bulshht system, same old g dammmm shtt different day. Apparently not much if anything is going to change on this-subject as these mfrs ONLY know,understand w t helll they’re told from OTHER inside system az wipes and that only hurts/screws over MORE homeowners.

You simply do NOT understand yet recommend some homeowners spend $400-500/whatever to test drain tiles. Eh, when called by homeowners who want my dumb az to find-identify their actual problem,give estimate, i have never recommend drain tile testing! Hmm no complaints 35 yrs…have NEVER recommended drain tile testing.

What i have sometimes recommended to some is to have an honest-exp’d plumber check the lateral line and-or, sometimes a floor drain is plugged with concrete etc, may be floor tile or carpet over it and THAT may be someones problem…snnnnake it.

Hmmm, why would a home inspector, who isn’t an expert on this-subject, recommend drain tile testing??? Huh? WHY? Becuase they see some efflorescence n crap on some bottom blocks??? If thats what they think, thats bulshhht, incompetence!!!

Q-- Why are drain tiles so important?
THEIR answer…if you have clogged drain tiles you could possibly have catastrophic failure of your basement walls… Your drain tiles function is to keep water pressure from building up outside your foundation so your basement walls do not cave in…

Another fcg SCARE TACTIC in my honest opinion.

Basement wall FAILURE? Read and try n understand the Fairfax county, Yoder builders, U S Army Corps etc etc links about…Basement Wall FAILURE!!! Eyeball my photos to friggin see WHY,WHAT caused basement wall failures, cracks,leaks etc.

Back to link, where it says TEST PROCEDURES…
last one, says ‘DRILL at least one HOLE in BLOCK…to check if WALL is holding water’

LolOlll. Sometimes, some blocks will hold water and other times no blocks will hold water. THAT has NOTHING to do…ZERO to do with the possibility of 1 or more drain tiles being clogged!!! THAT (water in 1+ blocks), would be due to…an exterior crack,cracked parging etc etc!!!

—Basement Wall Damage…cause, resolution

6th paragraph…

Jesus man, drain tiles (IF installed correctly), are/were placed along duh footing.
Alot of duh water/rain is soaked into duh SOIL…6’ above the tiles. Its the SOIL ya best worry about…and underground tree roots,concrete against a wall or porch footing against a wall etc etc…not the tiles.

Overused, overemphasized,misstated bulshtt! Due to, incompetence OR using it for self-gain.

Every job,and 99% of all estimates in 35 yrs…the homeowners problem(S) has ALWAYS been, a crack(s) in the basement wall, rod hole(s), 1 or more exterior openings along,above or just under the grade (likely where grade was raised) or lateral line blockage or backup due to city’s shtt or someone plugged/carpeted/tiled over a floor drain that needs to be snaked or leaky,dripping water-line and so on.

The cracked earth caused the wall to leak…hmmmm…“Now isn’t that special”.

You crack ME up Mark…but I’m sure you’re fuming when reading incompetence on the “ethernet”…:lol:

I’m just guessing, but there is prolly a HOLE in the damn wall for water to ENTER…](,)](,)](*,)

lolol…cracked earth…lolol…ya know!

LOOK, lolOlOlOooLLL, they are filling in the cracks on the INSIDE!!! lolol

Un freaking beleviable. My wife is originally from Michigan the next time I’m there I will give your sorry AZZ a call

…Exxxxxxxactly Mr Mark! :wink:
These interior system owners,salespeople are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there man,they are romper room terds, friggin INCOMPETENT!

They make BUBBA insane!@!@!@!@!@!@!#@!

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