Bowed in block basement wall some blocks deteriorated multiple exterior cracks

and NO installation of ANY interior basement drainage system repairs these exterior cracks nor do those weasels STOP further water from entering (and deteriorating the stupid blocks)


here’s what the inside of same wall looks like right now, deteriorated blocks :15 — :25

same house back outside with Yoshi

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That’s an ugly wall Mark…can it be saved ? looks like a rebuild from my desk in Ohio…

Hey Jim, yeah should be okay going forward – how you doing man?

No Complaints here Sir…

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It’s hard to understand what you’re saying here?

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is it? lolll

ok well, IF one were to install an interior drainage system instead of exterior waterproofing then water would continue to enter and pass through the deteriorated blocks - not helping the blocks, the wall and had one installed an INT system here then they would not have removed any clay soil n tree roots off the wall - not helping the blocks n wall.

just leave the cracks open? Those who install INT systems do not dig, excavate the exterior of wall n so they do not waterproof/repair any of these exterior cracks n so water will conitinue to enter

how about this block basement wall - so just install an INT drainage system? lol


how 'bout this block wall Mr Jim lololll

the homeowners Mother hired someone years ago n they did not waterproof the wall, they parged it = mistake

install an interior basement system here too? allow further water to penetrate n pass through deteriorated blocks? Really? okie dokie :grinning:


Curious about how you bridged that opening. That would have taken about a 55 gallon drum of hydraulic cement right? I also assume there was loose parging you removed before shooting that video that was covering the interior voids?

yes sir Mike, loose parging was removed and buckets upon buckets of hydraulic cement was applied and then a load of roofing cement/mastic n visqueen - have done it this way for 4 decades n no problems yet.

so homeowners can opt for exterior waterproofing done right or they can do what seller’s did here n spend even more money on an interior basement drainage system and wall anchors which did not stop further water from penetrating block walls and didn’t reduce any exterior pressure acting upon the wall. In fact the holes they drilled through the block walls allowed MORE water into blocks n basement

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Yes, interior systems and wall anchors added to address interior basement wall water issues and associated cracks are addressing a symptom of a much larger problem rather than the source. Like mark mentioned, they’re not going to address the weight, or water at their source.