Basement wall support slight bend

I did an inspection on this home and found these wall supports in the basement garage. They appeared to have a slight bend in them. They were installed prior to a sump pump installation and waterproofing. No cracking or moisture was observed at the wall at the time of the inspection but I’m am unsure how to report this. Any input is appreciated.

IMO… that wall is in imminent danger of failure. Could be 5 or 25 years, but the signs are all there.
(Btw… I can see cracks from here in Minnesota. Time for new glasses??).

based on your pix viewed from the land-of-gar
is this a patterned forms wall or individual block?
there are vert cracks visible & numerous joints appear to have tooled sealant prolly masking more cracks
regardless the wall is bowed in &
unless se letter has been provided advise getting 1
if 1 is present defer any further comment info to it

I wouldn’t put anything in that vise on the work bench and pull on it :astonished:
Time for an engineer!

Wall bowing/ being pushed in, the two pictured steel u-bracing indicate prior repair work, needs further evaluation.

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^^^^^ Absolutely, I agree withe the above assessments. ^^^^^

lol same old crap, they bs’d homeowner-whoever into an INT water diverting system when the problems and solution are on the exterior of wall, ext-cracks, cracked parging etc and either clay, silty soil against wall and-or underground tree roots or maybe concrete slab(s) or porch footing etc.

INT drainage systems do not seal, repair, waterproof the ext-cracks etc, they do NOT 'stop the water from getting in the blocks, at best n for awhile these systems should divert the incoming water under the floor, regardless they did NOT waterproof the basement and they did not remove, relieve,lessen the weight/pressure, cause(s) against the ext-of wall = scam

can see the outline of where they J hammered out a piece of floor, THAT doesn’t help the wall either as they highly likely poured, put in, LESS concrete n that concrete helps hold the wall in-place in the coming months/years eh

here’s what can happen to some of the exterior blocks when the existing-actual problems are on the outside and some IDIOT installs an INT drainage system

and then we have that piece of junk, plastic or whatever against the BOTTOM blocks of wall, THAT can hide/conceal possible mold or a long horizontal crack or deteriorating blocks etc , see photos…

there was a long horizontal crack on the ext of wall, still leaks lol, just because a HI doesn’t see any water the day they are there doesn’t mean there aren’t problems, just saying

see the long horizontal on the outside of wall, yeah

what happened here? Ill tell ya’s lol, they installed beams instead of digging the ext clay and roots OFF the dang wall, big mistake, now they pay TWICE!

what happened here? SAME! See the pizzed off BUYER? yeah

another dipstick INT system was installed when it should NOT have been

He called me after he bought the joint, it leaks sheesh! Why? Because there are ext-cracks in walls

see the top-of BOTTOM block? It’s pushed in, forget the vertical crack right now, point is… that SHT they put against the bottom blocks can hide an existing long horizontal or that part of wall possibly pushed in

for the nth time, INT systems and those who install them on most or all jobs are, liars, scammers etc, YES oh freakin YES they are


2 videos of same house/basement… sellers got BS’d, yes they sure did and who got screwed in long run? Buyers of course

here is the inside of basement, wall anchors and an INT drainage system installed… buyers move in and it leaks and parts of walls still moving, moron company doesn’t come back, gives buyers crap. lies over the phone

what good is that supposed (BLLSHT!!!) lifetime warranty from the moron INT system company? No good, none at all

here is ONE of the walls we did, ALL walls were in same condition - just because the loser wall anchors were installed doesn’t mean the walls won’t move, crack, leak… nope!

see the multiple EXT cracks? They’ve always been there, been there a loooong time, waaaay before the INT system was installed. EXT waterproofing what was, always has been needed sheesh. LOOKS on the inside of a basement, basement walls can indeed be deceiving, you better believe it - hey lol, the exterior waterproofing was approx $15,000 LESS, say again, less than what the INTERIOR system jokers/scammers got. You are getting pushed off a cliff peope, oh yes you are, getting lied to, CHEATED… bigly. This totally incompetent, negligent INT system and wall anchor job was done by a company who claims they are Detroit’s best, most honest etc waterproofing company, NONSENSE!

Jordan, i wouldn’t call that INT system crap… waterproofing, it isn’t in my honest opinion but of course do/say what ya like. gl.

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