Basement waterproofing, 2 leaky areas

Poured walls, homeowner only leaked in 2 areas, one small area of back wall and on side wall/chimney hence, that is all he needed to repair/waterproof.
Inside basement…

Outside chimney area, exterior cracks etc that NO interior basement system repairs/waterproofs. On these chimneys they’ll install their lil moron system and then place bright wall or a black membrane etc against the interior of chimney

another sad case of a chimney on Crack…

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In search of the lost chord, i mean… video.
Diagonal crack in poured foundation wall, plus other exterior openings/gaps under a brick ledge etc… water entered basement through all of these

excuse my stooooopid bs moaning but it was 7’ deep and a tight hole.

In search of duh lost chord/MB–Departure… ‘be it sight, sound, smell or touch, there’s something inside that we need so much…’ turn it…UP, ding–a--ling