Vertical crack in poured foundation wall

Warren MI, someone tried playing with the crack on the inside and, someone dug the exterior in this area but ONLY applied tar and backfilled with the same clay. All along it just needed to be waterproofed and backfilled correctly on the outside…

1:10—1:30, see the ‘other’ exterior OPENINGS? Huh? :mrgreen:
Injections done from the inside do NOT seal/repair ANY of these so, water can/will still get in because these OTHER exterior openings were not identified and repaired.

1:40 deteriorating mortar joints, only going to get worse.
Raising the grade and not these sealing the bricks and joints is a mistake.

Another poured wall crack etc… homeowner had Everdry over for an estimate and duhhhh, how much did these twinks want? Yeah shtt sure, real professional.

Photo of underground tree root caused cracks, subsequent leaks/seepage in basement

Root now removed…
No interior basement system and sump pump removes roots etc that cause many cracks/leaks, duh!

Hi Mark,

Not sure where you are going with this, if you find defects then just document and report them. You seem to a bit upset by what you’re observing.
IMHO it’s best to be dispassionate a bit and as I said just document and report.

LOL! :smiley:

Tom meet Mark…our resident basement waterproofing specialist.

I hope life is great for you and yours, Mark. :slight_smile:

hello Mr Larry :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: