if you are doing a home inspection and umm, see 1+ of these

…corner cracks that extend UP, above grade, then you should be writing 'em up and explaining to homeowner or potential buyer they will need exterior waterproofing in these areas to repair/waterproof the exterior cracks so that, no water enters the basement.

4 corner cracks (at least)…
Someone poured concrete along the driveway/house… did that stop water from entering? Did that repair/waterproof the cracks that extend DOWN, below grade, under the driveway? Nope.

Someone slapped some mortar and then caulked etc the ‘tops’ the some of these corner cracks. Did that, repair/waterproof the rest of the existing defects/cracks that extend down below grade? Nope.

Doing this pain in the azz job Monday or Tuesday and will happily post 1+ videos of the…REST of those cracks that extend down below grade, below the drive… got that? Got milk?

Here we have another leaky basement, lady recently bought it, had a home inspection and umm, was told by the inspector there were ‘NO’ problems, no leaks in the basement. Here that shtt all the time.

A bucket of good tar and some downspout extensions should take care of that little settlement crack.

Don’t forget to wheelbarrow extra dirt in to cover it up and slope the rain water away

Oh come on, was hoping you’d say install an interior basement drainage system and sump!!! It’s cheap…right? looollll Come on guys!

4 cracks …that’s prolly a 4 pump job…just sayin…

looollll, how ya doing Mr. McKee?

all good partner…Are You getting some work with all that rain over there?

Jim, oh yes sir. Very busy, thankfully.

good things happen to good people partner…

thanks Jim… you guys had quite a bit of rain… didn’t you?

quite a bit but no where near what You guy’s got…