Block basement wall bowed in a tad, multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging

that allowed water inside on basement floor where bottom of the wall meets the floor

other side of chimney, dig the vertical crack in chim chim


Was grade above the top of the foundation? Looked like it…SMH.

Looks like you got more diggin to do towards the corner :slight_smile:

grade was flush with bottom of b-window sill

and yes, i warned her when i gave her an estimate of the possibility that if there was a long horizontal then she’d have several ft undone, at risk to leak, or course lol

her original plan was LESS footage than what was done in video, she’s a senior limited income so even paying to get this footage done was difficult for her

she also has cracks on back wall, around that back corner and she needs some tuckpointing done/chimney

some mold n efflorescence in basement on inside block walls n it reeks pretty good down there

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Thanks for sharing. Hard to find anyone who wants to dig or do it properly anymore. Everyone wants to put in inside basement systems and not address the cause. Had a waterproofing company rep tell my clients right in front of me not to worry about the exterior cracks and hole i had mentioned.


yes sir Ward, exterior waterproofing by hand is much more labor intensive than installing interior goofball systems, those videos above, it was 91 degrees yesterday and all digging done in the sun, not a damn tree lol, not even a 12’ tall dandelion lol to shed us some shade, was a bitch but its what we do

and those who install INT systems make more money $$ doing so as less labor is needed, less cost, and less money in materials is needed so, that all adds up to more money for the company

and yes Ward, my guys n i often hear homeowners we do waterproofing for tell us the INT system weasels they had over for estimates told them the same dumbshtt stuff lollll

these companies have all the money , they scam sooo many people so they have big time marketing which then enables them to bullshtt more people, it keeps rolling along. They have some in the media, realtors, city building inspectors, some HI’s all tell homeowners the same lies. They have people on google, FB, Nextdoor etc telling anyone who asks for recomendations to call the 2-3 interior systems companies, they get kickbacks $$$ for doing this, yep, one big stinking scam

My uncle ran and excavation and septic company. Learning how things work and not eliminating the cause costs much more later when wall failure happens. Hiding the problem for future owners and repeat business for the company. Scammers make me sick.

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yes sir Ward, with ya

A tarp attached to the fascia and a few tent poles might be a worthy investment. :sunny: :sunglasses: :sunny: :sunflower: :sunflower:


indeed sir ! lolll