leaky basement, block foundation walls, corner leaks

Since I just got on here this afternoon and just read that an HI did his own little leak with hydraulic cement, hmmm, would any other HI’s recommend THAT as any kind of a fix to homeowners on any leaky basement like this, in the videos…

Inside the basement… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t8Vwee7w4U

Outside, the real problems where the water got INTO the hollow block walls… and there is ONE fix for these problems and umm, need to use hydraulic cement etc on the outside, not inside…that would not do a thing, well, lool maybe in your minds duuuhhh

prior videos, first… (few care or want to know of course looooolllllllll)
NOTICE yet again, no visible foundation wall cracks on the INSIDE butttttt, there sure were existing DEFECTS, cracks, on the outside of the block foundation walls which is why the basement leaked, yeppers Mr inspectors… got MILK???

Yet most home inspectors (NOT all g dammmittt jesus loool) either do not know what to look for, what to truly inspect on foundation walls, leaks… or don’t care… got that? Hence it costs many BUYERS lots of money, it sure does.

Some HI’s tell sellers who have some leakage in 1+ areas of their basements to, ummmmmmm loool, raise and slope the grade! hahahhaaaaaa
Some tell sellers/buyers all they need to do is get a longer downspout extension, doh!
Some say they just need a dorky splashblock, splish fk me splash loll ahahhahahaaaaa

GET YOUR MONEY Back people, if this was done to you. Dang skkkkkkkippy!

Some of these home inspectors actually believe, advertise, tell homeowners they are experts on basement waterproofing, inspecting foundation walls, pftttttt… NONSENSE, BALONEY baby!

Some home inspectors are full of themselves, are failed builders etc who couldn’t hack it in the real game, that’s right…and i said…some.

Some won’t get their azz up on a roof, most or any roofs, hence they are not doing a thorough inspection of the roof. Same goes for crawlspaces. Yeah yeah fking yeah, you can’t get your tubby azz in some crawls, right…okay then tell the buyers that you cannot and will not inspect the crawl and quite frankly you should knock off some $$ on your fee if you aren’t going to inspect all the things you CLAIM you inspect… got milk?

Have a nice day.