Basement waterproofing, perimeter system being installed

This is the kind of ignorance, incompetence, some of us have been yapping about… ](,)](,)](*,)

He says/incorrectly claims… cannot STOP the water from getting in.
Foolish BS. Eh, a few of us honest, experienced contractors have been ‘stopping’ the water from getting in for 30++ years!!! ](*,)

4:45 … he yaps about a damproofing system versus a waterproofing system.
He says a damproofing system is applying PAINT on inside block walls!
TOTAL ignorance.

5:45 … he shows and yaps about a couple of the problem-areas in this basement… pipe through walls leaks and electrical that goes through wall, both about 1’ or so deep (below grade). looool

8:10 … a vertical crack in wall. He says they can be CAULKED! and normally do not leak! ](,)](,)](*,)#-o#-o

Inside systems are a back breaking job huh? loll Try hand digging/waterproofing the exterior… then YOU’LL find out what back breaking really means.

Putting in a GARBAGE CAN in the floor when, what this guy has shown are the problems, should have been fixed on the outside. 2 areas needed to be dug about 1 1 1/2’ deep and dig that vertical crack out, all the way down. If 1+ windows leak then replace them. Cost for THAT exterior work which would have STOPPED the water from entering would be about $1,200- 1,300! Versus, this dogshtt interior basement system which cost this homeowner MORE than that.

Here’s a thin vertical crack and a few rod holes for ya…waterproofed correctly

Another thin, hairline crack. They don’t leak huh? No worries huh? No MOLD huh?
LOOK at photos you incompetent turds, see what is BEHING the DRYWALL!

What is on the insulation behind the dumb drywall!
You MUST stop the water in order to stop-prevent MOLD!!@#!@#@!!@@!
The interior perimeter basement system this guy, and many others install, do NOT ‘stop’ the water from coming through cracks in walls and other exterior openings/problems!

Anyone who recommends these kinds of Bozo the Clowns to unknowing homeowners is a complete idiot on this-subject. Any home inspector, city inspector, structural engineer etc etc recommending these kinds of incompetent companies to people should be locked in portable toilets and set on fire.

Homeowners… many of you getting lied-to, misled… your leaky basement situtations are being MISREPRESENTED by interior basement system companies, oh yes indeedy!