Installing what B Dry did here............

and installing ANOTHER dorky idiotic interior system as this company did (the guy narrating) does not repair/waterproof any of the actual existing problems aka cracks in exterior walls which is where the stupid water is first entering into the hollow blocks, looolllll, useless and incompetent sob’s

See what those 2 misfits installed? Huh??
Installing that garbage does not repair/waterproof any of these exterior cracks in walls… here’s a video of a job we just did in St Clair Shores

…inside the basement, there was paneling up against the basement walls.

Now a few videos of what the OUTSIDE of those walls looked like

Another moron who prevsiously did a half azz’d exterior job as they backfilled the drive-side wall with mostly sand and the back with all clay. That type of backfill PULLS DOWN the visqueen and tar, helllooo?

Drive side horizontal crack

Drive side vertical corner crack

Part of back wall we did, just around the drive side, multiple exterior cracks

The footage we did was all the homeowner wanted to do, got that? They are selling the house so in the future someone will need to do more waterproofing, yeppers.

So on ANY of these homes that have any of these exterior cracks in walls and some scamming nitwit inside system company installs their junk, they are NOT waterproofing the dang basement, they did NOT stop water from where the hlll it’s STILL entering. Those cracks can only get worse, wider and sometimes the blocks deteriorate, disintegrate and then you may see 1+ of those walls bowing in. Have to STOP the water in order to stop/prevent mold in these basement knuckleheads

Not worried about mold? Take a look here, a doctor/dentist office basement… looolll and this guy is going to try and talk them into an interior basement system! Then COVER the basement walls