duh umm, another basement drainage system installed here lool

Incompetent as hlll morons, that’s the truth.
St Clair Shores, block walls, homeowner leaks at- near the front left corner and ONLY gets/sees water where the bottom of the basement wall MEETS the stoooooooopid basement floor, got dat? (the interior basement system idiots would try and tell you the supposed reason for water along the floor–wall joint is because of some nitwit hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor)

Uncle Bubba hopes to get a video inside the basement tomorrow when we hand dig this lil snatch up.

The top of that corner, vertical crack on the OUTSIDE of the block basement wall is not visible when you look at the inside of the wall, got it? So just because there may not be ANY visible crack on the inside of any block wall does not ever mean there aren’t 1++ exterior cracks or cracked parging which is most homeowners actual problems where the dumb water gets into the hollow blocks, got milk?

"BOOM shakalak! On duh beach, got MILK? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12_g_5SY3zw

Ok so here’s that interior basement drainage system that was previously installed and SUPPOSEDLY guaranteed for…life??? loool Yeah shtt sure okie dokie, whatever they say.

NOTICE… on the inside walls there are no visible cracks, no visible vertical corner crack NOR a visible horizontal crack…BUTT, in the next video you will see an EXTERIOR vertical corner crack and a horizontal crack down low and that is where the water gets into the hollow block wall, uh huh

…and duh tale is, has always been, inside systems and their dorky salespeople are incompetent, are a scam, misrepresent just about all homeowners actual problems and true solution.

Marcel, you may like this one… a recent cave in, get about 1 per 1-2 years, always lots of fun lool
This one, we pretty much knew it was going to cave in as we talked about that possibility all morning and yep, sure enough as soon as I got down to the footing/drain tiles… there she blows!