Hey Hydro Armor/O'Conner, you don't GET-IT either!

Here you show that an interior system was previously installed, a dumb azz incompetent inside pressure relief system ](*,)

Right off the bat in video…you say, incorrectly think, ‘that an interior pressure relief system is supposed to relieve lateral pressure’. ](,)](,)](*,)
He says it again :10…‘should have been relieved by the system’.
TOTAL NONSENSE man! (He says it several times! lol)

Not only are there multiple EXTERIOR cracks and cracked parging in wall (if the wall was ever parged when built that is), but some of those BOTTOM blocks
:22… are/have deteriorated and wall of course is bowing in.

1:05, he says ’ Had this system been installed properly, this (the cracks, bowed wall etc) wouldn’t have happened’. TOTAL NONSENSE!

2:15, apparently straightened duh wall and, makes a big deal of how it looks on the inside NOW, at this point in time!

2:30 says, ‘Your never going to have a problem with this wall again.’ lolol
If you didn’t waterproof the EXTERIOR wall and remove the soil and any underground roots etc then it’s HIGHLY LIKELY the homeowner will see more interior cracks or existing cracks that were patched over inside, pop open again.

And, water will absolutely continue to enter the wall, the blocks on the outside because…there ARE exterior cracks etc on, the OUTSIDE! jesus!!

2:45… a NEW PATIO! Wow, you just put MORE pressure against the basement wall! The WEIGHT of that new patio/concrete is, will push down on the existing soil and ADD more pressure against that already WEAKENED basement wall.

If this guy/company didn’t waterproof the exterior wall and backfill correctly then this basement wall is in for MORE PROBLEMS, cracks, leaks.

JUST LIKE this basement wall…same crap, an interior system was installed, what happened!!

JUT LIKE this wall, pressure relief (pfftt!) system previously installed here too…and?
Same dumb INCOMPETENT bs…a salesperson or owner of an interior system company sold and installed another inept system to a homeowner based on lies, myths, incompetent storytelling for…self gain!!

An interior system, a pressure relief system does NOT, CANNOT relieve/reduce lateral pressure against basement walls man!@!@!@!!! WAKE UP!
When a wall is bowing in due to clay soil and-or underground tree roots againt it and-or a porch footing or concrete slabs against it then…THAT needs to be REMOVED in order to ‘relieve, reduce’ the pressure against it!!!

Dan O :mrgreen:
3:10… says, for the most informative information about basement waterproofing and structural repair to be found on the entire internet, watch my videos, COMPETITORS welcome. :mrgreen: :wink:

Says should cost $9,000 for an interior system.
Shtt, we could hand dig/waterproof all or almost all the exterior for that amount. :mrgreen:
Yeah, looks like there’s a crawl/whatever on exterior of 1 wall (:55)
Ok so why not install the dumb sht inside system along THAT wall and waterproof the others on the outside?

Again, paid for one interior system and now, lolol, paying for another, bunch o screw ups man.

Can see efflorescence etc on walls, cracks etc on the outside of the walls which IS where the dumb az water is first-entering the blocks.

Yeah Dan, many of those who ‘do’ only or mostly interior systems can’t even get THAT right, some of us see that, know that.

But yet again, when homeowners problems are cracks, cracked parging etc on the OUTSIDE of the walls (which IS where the water is first entering the blocks) then NOBODY, no inside system STOPS that water from entering and is not going to stop/prevent further efflorescence, mold on blocks inside.

And no interior system relieves, reduces, removes exterior lateral soil pressure, underground roots etc which cause many cracks, widening of existing cracks, bowed walls and subsequent leaks.

Do these inside system bubbleheads thoroughly-explain any-all of this to homeowners, huh?

Eh, if they do (highly doubt it lol) and the homeowners are still A freakin OK with further water entering, and the real likelihood of more mold, efflorescence, radon and understand the likely cause(s) of cracks,the possibility of a wall bowing in or cracks widening and possibility of blocks deteriorating then, its the homeowners problem, they bought it, they own it.

Does Dan or any interior basement system repair DETERIORATED EXTERIOR blocks like this? Wall is bowed in eh.

Does Dan or any interior basement system REMOVE underground tree roots that caused the cracks , leaky basement?

Does Dan or any interior basement system remove a tree STUMP off a basement wall which, at least caused some of the exterior cracks, gaps, leak.

Did the wall anchors installed here remove, reduce any exterior lateral soil pressure (all clay) and umm, one can see the basement still leaks (due to EXTERIOR cracks in walls, sheesh), mold, efflorescence.
Anybody THOROUGHLY explain any-dang-thing to these homeowners?
Pic’s 6, 7…deteriorated interior blocks.
Yep, when an inside is installed some will apply some cement on these blocks, others won’t but they’ll attach their fiberglass or 'bright’wall crap against part or all of wall.

Did the company who installed the interior basement system and sumps thoroughly EXPLAIN to homeowner that the inside system does NOT remove, relieve, reduce any exterior lateral pressure against the wall or any possible underground tree roots or concrete slabs etc that cause cracks, cause cracks to widen, cause walls to bow in etc…huh? Pftt

Do the home inspectors who ummm, take the time and try and tell homeowners with leaky basements, cracks etc that all they need to do is raise and slope the grade or extend downspouts 8 1/2 miles away, do they explain any of the facts above to those homeowners, huh? Well, lol, some do come off as knowing all there is to know about waterproofing, just asking…ok, buh bye now lol.

What will B Dry do for you? lolol

$9,800 for first interior system and $11,000 for another interior system, lol
The previous interior basement system he says, is called a pressure relief system, the wall is continuing to come in, there is something wrong he says.
He says, a pressure relief system is suppose to relieve this kind of pressure](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WggXM75eJmc …and at 2:33 ish and at 3:20
Duh umm yeah Dan, something is wrong…they are, they were when they bs’d the homeowner into installing that piece of crap interior system and duh umm, YOU are by doing the same and you don’t understand that the previous interior system and yours will NOT relieve, reduce the lateral soil pressure/weight acting upon the outside of the wall, causing cracks, leaks etc.

There may also be underground tree roots etc along, against any basement wall that causes these problems as well as concrete slabs, porch footings etc that NO interior system removes, relieves…holyyy HLLL man.


Why can’t you inside morons understand this sht!!!

Eh, lol, there are also EXTERIOR CRACKS in the block wall, do you understand that??? :mrgreen:

FEW seem to ‘get’ this!!
There are exterior cracks in the block wall THERE, where yer az is.
So again g dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmittttt, these BUBBLEHEADS don’t relieve, reduce the weight of the SOIL (its wet eh) acting upon the wall (or roots etc) and they leave the exterior cracks OPEN. they allow water to continue to enter the block wall!!!

This is friggin I N C O M P E T E N C E!

Don’t think exterior blocks or mortar joints can’t deteriorate???
None of these interior basement systems repair anything like this, and OBVIOUSLY duhhhhhhhhhhhh, they don’t stop further water from entering this shtt!@!@!@!@!!!

Same shtt, false claims and-or,describing services in a misleading fashion, flawed research, false advertising, misstatements, incompetence, not disclosing something a homeowner should know.

:10 This is what’s called foundation failure…homeowner already had an interior basement system installed.

FALSE bs… :20 ’ an interior pressure relief system will eliminate pressure on the wall’. Absolute bs, false claim, incompetence etc!

Expansive soil on the outside of the wall and-or underground roots or porch footing or concrete slabs etc causes this kind of damage, cracks, leaks ya bubblehead! NO inside system (one already installed hello!) eliminates/stops pressure on/against the wall, total bulsht.
BASEMENT WALL DAMAGE, duh what do they try and tell people to do.