Basement waterproofing poured wall crack

Homeowner only leaks in this one area, short video of exterior

And umm duhhhh, see the ‘other’ exterior openings where water, insects enter

Eh, 1:15… Bubba needs help wiff HAIR!

Is it possible to place weed seeds in/on scalp and… ummm, grow? Huh?

Inside basement, same house…

PAINT… and/or patching a basement wall crack (and then painting over it) can mask/hide existing cracks, defects, yep

Termites, ants, centipedes, spiders, radon gas, water etc can enter houses/basements through EXTERIOR cracks and other exterior openings
…“Termites can squeeze through a 1/32” crack"

Yep, termites etc can easily enter through exterior cracks like this, PHOTO, block wall

The rest of photos/cracks etc of same house…
NO interior basement system and 35 sump pumps will stop insects, water etc from entering anything like these.

Some tell homeowners who have a leaky basement to… raise and slope the soil/grade…looooolllll.
THAT doesn’t seal/waterproof dogshtt either!!!

Perma Seal in Illi… 33 customer complaints just within the last 3 years (listed by BBB, bet ya all there are quite a few more)

Here’s one, about 6 photos…

loool and duh BBB gives em an A+ rating huh, what a crock of PAID $ for bullshttt

Some more shtt.
Foundation Systems of Michigan… down to ‘OTHER’ reviews NOT recommended by duh yelp morons… 6/07/2015

This homeowner got scr_wed by an interior system company, sued them and won … and DUH Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ as well, pure American bulllshtt baby

Spoke with this lady on duh phone, she sent me these photos of B Dry’s bullshttt (se white paneling crap, leaks etc (hope you can view them)
“Basement Nightmare”
Many of these CONTINUED leaky basements where some interior shtt/work was done by one of those self proclaimed expert, trusting inside system companies do NOT get a complaint, don’t get sued etc etc because the homeowners get fed up with the BBB etc, jesus K, they just want their ACTUAL problem(s) fixed CORRECTLY.