See why/where WATER can get under garage, porch etc

Basement waterproofing, corner… an interior system was previously installed $$

You are getting lied to, misled, ripped off folks, yep.

See the EXTERIOR vertical corner crack?
See the EXTERIOR step crack?
See the other exterior openings?

Those are were water, salts enter a block wall and then, most often, that water will be seen inside a basement at your feet, at-along the cover, the bottom of the basement wall/floor, yep.

1:45—2:10 Openings where water gets UNDER a garage.

No interior system or sump pump seals/waterproofs any of these exterior cracks and other openings, nope.

Same house, short close-up video of the exterior cracks and other openings

:05—:15 ‘exterior’ corner crack

:15–:25 ‘exterior’ step crack, see scrapers in crack? Huh?

:30–:45 gaps etc where water goes under garage

Now this next video is INSIDE the same basement…

When looking at the inside of basement wall, do you see a vertical corner crack?

Do you see a step crack?

Can you see the other exterior openings from inside? Nope.

BUTT… they sure as shtt exist on the outside eh.

So, many have NOT identified the existing defects in many basement walls because they erroneously assumed they knew enough/all of this subject, wrong!!! You fk’d up, BIG time.

The question now is, will you admit it? Huh?
Bye bye now.

If you do not seal/waterproof those exterior cracks and INSTEAD have an interior basement system, sump pump installed then, often, those cracks will get WIDER, will lead-to more problems and certainly more water entering the basement, more efflorescence or mold on basement wall (behind the stupid paneling etc these interior nitwits install).

What about voids under, around garage floors, porches (as seen in videos)… they will get bigger/wider and so having an interior basement system installed does NOTHING to seal any of these nor keep water from getting under a garage etc. Can only lead to other-further problems, jesus kristmas, wake… up.

For those who always recommend mudjacking concrete slabs, you too must on drugs, self serving shtt heads… Mudjacking those slabs doesn’t seal any dang exterior crack, opening either, duh! Mudjacking slabs does NOT keep water from getting UNDER driveway slabs or garage floor, porch etc.

Thirsty FER beer… :50 got MILK? ‘Never hungry, always thirsty… fer MILK’