Basement waterproofing sting, Jane Pauley Dateline NBC

… and it all continues to this day, oh yes it does.

Hidden camera action

2:15 lady with hose, follAAAA along

4:40 Sure Dry scam! …the DRAIN TILE routine = cheats

6:35 – 6:55 EVERDRY scam… the ‘hammer routine’ lololllll told ya’s i friggin told ya’s lolol

11:35 former Everdry Gen Mgr, “Key is, to SCARE the homeowner”… hello!!!

13:25 ‘Create fear’

14:30 Attorney General. “THESE individuals are CROOKS”, well of course they are, i tried warning peeps

15:05 the young couple still leak years later… EVERDRY!!!

Back up 4 moment, B Dry earlier in video… hey one instance doesn’t NOT mean they aren’t scammers because… they are! lol

And the lady who said she got water in garden hose, likely has small opening/crevice in–around her basement WINDOW or B window sill, she got water in so she does have something OPEN on the exterior but apparently rarely leaks - she left hose on so again, something is open in that LONE area, should have n could have done a water test with a hose to find her problem

‘Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up… if you want LOVE you got to give a lil’

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