I could do/post these basement waterproofing complaints all day but i TINK you get the msg

more of the same complaints from other homeowners, scamming, lying, incompetent waterproofing chumps, “real PROFESSIONAL” they are Mr Youngie, yeah man.

Everdry… one starts, ‘took advantage of 87 tear old woman and talked her into $17,000 unnecessary system…’

B Dry punks… at least 31 homeowner complaint is the last 3 years


lies, scams, misleading homeowners for self gain = fraud

Take it easy and relax, Mark. You’re going to have a melt down, brother.

The scammers will always be out there.

Just keep up YOUR exceptional work.

the building codes and city inspectors and too many in the media enable these cheats and so do many others, some highly recommend the scamming INT co’s, changes could occur but too many just sit back n do nothing or are in la la land, yes sir.

what do you call 100 post thread ? :smiley:

T hee hee, a complaints thread, you know, when homeowners get ripped off n scammed out of thousands

a home inspector who also does basement waterproofing? hahahaaa okay
‘Basement rod holes and crack repair’

last I checked, in MI one is supposed to be state licensed and insured for waterproofing…