Everdry water-dorking, southeast Michigan, lied to homeowner

…the usual… listen to the homeowner if you like 1:50
https://www.facebook.com/mark.anderson.9828/videos/864829163644008/?l=8984638772492271795 This homeowner ONLY has 6 rod holes and 1 crack that MAY need to be done/waterproofed on the exterior, would be a small job about 5’ x 7’ deep.

There is nothing wrong with the wall, no bowing, just the one crack and some rod holes.

There is a rod hole right where the vertical crack comes down towards the floor and there is a circular damp spot/efflorescence where the stupid rod hole is so the ‘hope/possibility’ is, the rod hole leaks and not the crack.

Worst case scenario is the crack does leak and would cost $1,350.

Everdry told him hydrostatic pressure/blocked drain tiles caused the crack and leak loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll!!! Wrong, lie, incompetence, scam etc.

They told him he needs an a full perimeter interior basement system, costing about $20,000

Homeowners says, ‘I went to a well known radio-host site (home Imp radio host here locally, any guesses? lool), and he received a call back from/through that site, from a well known Detroit area waterproofing company…$20,000…’

This exact scenario is played out all over this state and just about all other states, and Canada… by these scamming moron interior system companies, trying to screw over as many homeowners as possible!

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Same homeowner, Everdry tried scamming him out of $20,000.
Hairline vertical crack, upper rod holes… so in the end he needed the crack waterproofed (he continued to leak after plugging the lower rod hole next to crack)… still saved him $18,500

Clay soil gets hauled away, gravel backfill