Here's another interior basement drainage system failure, a 'gutter system' lolol

scamming, lying INTERIOR basement system people, yep!

and NOW this guy is going to insall HIS version of an interior water diverting system, thousands more $$ spent of GARBAGE man!

3:10 previously installed interior basement system

3:30 this guy is full of it just like whoever installed the first dumb az INT system, LIES man

11:15 dude, you are absolutely full of crap! However low/deep YOU put your version inside, does not do ANYTHING to/for the outside!!! TOTAL BS, pizzes me off big time and they continue to get away with this JUNK, unreal , and homeowners you got to be some of the weakest, dumbest people to believe these interior system liars, sorry truth hurts sometimes – You and your pathetic INT system is NOT going to DROP the water table on the outside!!!

THINK dammmitttt, whatever THEY do inside will not do a damn thing outside!

Let’s see, it rains and water goes into the soil, OUTSIDE!!!

The water goes down and some of it hits,soaks the EXTERIOR of the basement wall… got it?

So when there’s an exterior crack in wall or cracked parging, the water goes through the crack, LONG LONG loooooooooooooooooooooooooong BEFORE water ever gets INSIDE, under the stupid frigginnn floor and into their dumb scamming INT system, IDIOTSSSS!!!

This guy, just like many others like him EITHER… knows he is bs’ing you, trying to con you OR, is incompetent as can be!

Water first gets IN basement THROUGH shtt like this on the outside, damn these sobs PISS me OFF!

Get off your meds and fat dumb azxz and tell me, how is ANY interior basement drainage system as this joker lies about n describes going to STOP water from entering what i show you in video!!!

TOTAL dumb azz, LYING, cheating crooks, now that’s the truth America, can you handle it!

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