Basement window wells, leaky basement, stupidity at it's finest

this dude seems to actually get into it lol, he is WRONG! lol Yes he is. And so are any home inspectors who spout this same crap.

The Q alone is stupid, incompetent, weak… How do window wells work? hahaha

2 short videos same house, lady hired a MORON who DID what the realtor in video above said to do, lol, stupid, imo EMBARRASSING! Very embarrassing.
See the pretty lil window well, vertical piping, gravel some idiot installed before she found us?

HERE was where the water was allowed to get in basement! lol smh

So putting in vertical drain tile/pipe and 12 or 24 or 36" of stone, gravel… WHATEVER lol does NOT, has not, identified the exterior openings that allow water in basement NOR does this JUNK fix those openings!

With or without a bubble over the stupid window well, with or without vertical pipe, with or without gravel, stone in-around the stupid pipe, WATER is still going to find it’s way into these stupid wells and so when there is a deteriorated rod hole or crack in foundation wall or other openings into house around the window, the sill etc it is going to get into the basement… sheesh sooo easy yet sooo hard for some to understand!

One more short video, basement window… basement leaks in this area… WHY?
Gee, they raised the grade so, how could it leak? lolol
Well you embarrasing idiot, SEE the multiple exteror openings that allowed the water to get in

I know i know, another post thats likely tooooo long for ‘Young-blood to the north’, his attention span wanes after about 30 seconds. Explanations on leaky basements, window wells etc sometimes need to be LONGER because soo many MORONS are confused lol and shuffle around too many myths, ya dig?

Good information Mark

Why is this in the structural section? It belongs in the Exterior section.

why r you here? you belong in the moron section. If you don’t like the videos n commentary, why bother to rear your ugly rear?

duh… it’s a leaky basement.

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Mark. With all due respect. Leaks are typically from the exterior. That includes foundation leaks. This thread beings in the exterior section.