Leaky FINISHED basement, stupid azz window well Glenn Haege special

Lady hired a KNOTHEAD before finding my scratchy sack azz… folla?
The knothead told her he’d fix/solve her problem by digging down a little and putting in a window well AND vertical DRAIN TILE hahahaha with gravel in it and around it… question— did this incompetent crap work? Nope. He charged a few hundred LESS than what i charged… one of the diff’s is, we hand dug it down to the FOOTING lol 6 1/2’ deep and waterproofed everything in sight, he didn’t seal/waterproof a fkg thing!! Lots idiots running amok in this business, i mean YUGE numbers.

Again FINISHED basement, bathroom so duh, i see a stinky toilet, shower etc, got it? Cannot see the foundation wall to determine if she maybe only had a leaky rod hole or maybe only openings just under the window sill and so on… did a water test w/a hose before writing anything up/estimate. She began to get water in same areas down there within 10 minutes, major ROOT action underground, tons of roots. 2 videos, 1st one shows the G Haege DORK azz special which didn’t do a fkkkg thing, do ya understand man? lololl Oh, and the grade was raised by the previous moron, pft.

Here were her problems (and solution pea brain!), did we dig up 1/2 the wall or the entire side? NO! She didn’t leak anywhere else, duh.

You need to FIND, locate, determine where the hell the water is allowed to get in! You DON’T just guess and suggest bullshit, like grading… told ya, grade was also raised n sloped PLUS the dipshtt vertical drain tile etc, still leaked man, hello! lolol Out $$$$, yeah she’s out the green spent on BULLSHTT! Negligent crap.

Here’s another moron… Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place to be, to continue to get water in, you see lol
Says he dug it 5’ deep… did NOT seal a thing! hahahahaa smf balding scalp!

He could have n should have run a water test before doing anything, why? To see if some of all the water first enters THROUGH, around the window, if the water ONLY enters through,around the basement window then NO waterproofing/digging etc is needed. sheesh
Is this basement finished? If not then he should have been easily able to deduce, see the actual problem (s)… where the water was entering. Rod hole, crack, UP through window or just underneath window (the sill!). Why charge homeowner to dig etc IF their only getting water in THROUGH the dang window. "N no reason to dig if problem was just 1 or 2 leaky rod holes, duh!

Allow ME, to go over there, to this house n run a water test… i will find THE problem and the problem is NOT a supposed need for stupid drainage inside the window well. Some people r REALLY screwed up on this subject, i mean incompetent, negligent Bullwinkle knotheads = truth man

…The chores, the stores, the whores. Times Sq, you are a knothead

hahaha NO response from those who spin this shit, window well shit… no, just regrade and that will supposedly solve just about all leaky basements… ignorant, ngeligent crap spun by some home inspectors… and Glenn, where art thou? He was another scamming shtbrain who always n only recommended INT systems to his listeners and stupid grading games= in my business, a moron.