"Gutter people"... ask, why is my basement wall leaking?

some complain i bash… well lol, when ya have incompetent CRAP like this making videos that can mislead homeowners then they deserve some straight-feedback and… he is hardly an expert on this subject so why the video in first place!

He says, basement leaks in 2 areas… we dunno if this wall is finished inside, if it is then one needs to do a water test w/hose to correctly identify how-where the water is truly getting in.

If the wall is NOT covered then duhhhh, one CAN see the wall and see exactly where the water is FIRST entering, they can see if there is 1 or more cracks or deteriorated rod holes or if some water is entering at–along the TOP of the foundation wall, all this leads one directly to the correct FIX!

in video, examples of incompetence…

:40 mark, he thinks/assumes drain tile IN window well goes… lol, left or right!! hahaha

hey, of all the window wells we have dug out, if and when there is some stupid vertical drain tile inside W-well it has always gone straight down, not left/right… and, any drain tile that may be inside W wells has ZERO to do with why any basement leaks, GEEZ have posted numerous videos showing/proving exactly WHY.

1:00 he says he put a LEVEL on concrete slas hahahhaha! He said, most, not all pitch away.
Well again, whether they pitch away or not, is NOT WHY the basement leaks, total ignorance on this subject!

He says mudjack slabs or replace 'em and other foolish crap, wow lots of luck!
Sure, get new gutters, fine… but he does NOT know how to identify–determine WHY a basement wall leaks.

lollll recommending replacing or mudjacking slabs and other CRAP… would cost $$$$, what if this/other homeowners only have 2–3 leaky rod holes? Why would anyone spend $$$ if and when they just have leaky rod holes!

If there is a crack in wall then THAT is what needs to be fixed/waterproofed, NOT spend $$ on concrete etc, just unreal negligent sht i see on you tube and elsewhere… TIP, stick to gutters broh, keep pie hole shut on basement waterproofing

RIP Mr Dale D years ago, Mr D would chime in/comment on some waterproofing posts, he ‘got it’