Basement window wells, window well drainage

It says, ‘This problem turned up during a home inspection…’
Bubba asks, WHAT PROBLEM?
Is there a stupid leak, aka water intrusion in this area or what?

Does somebody think there will be a problem and incompetently thinks adding a window well and and soil around the well is some sort of preventive maintenance, huh?

If and when there is a leak/water entering where there is a window well then you need to FIND the actual problem.

Installing a window well and adding more soil and-or a dumb, cheap plastic bubble etc over the well hasn’t, doesn’t FIND whatever the actual problem is!

There is going to be a crack in the basement wall in that area (you may not see it if drywall etc is against the wall) and-or, there will be exterior openings, gaps under the basement window SILL and-or, openings in, around,above the stupid basement window.

That is what needs to be deduced!!!

FIRST 5 photos here, see the dumb az window wells?
Is the problem/supposed solution is they need to add another well piece on top of the one that is there and add more soil? loool Hardly! Find, locate, deduce why and where the dumb water is allowed to get in and fix it correctly.

Water gets in here as well…edge(s) of the stupid window

And water gets in through gaps under a window SILL and-or an exterior crack in basement wall…

The solution is NOT installing a window well in order to add soil and grade away, pfttt. The real solution again is FIND where/how the water is getting in and fix it.

Tell my dumb az how anyone waterproofs an existing exterior crack in block wall by installing a window window well, plastic cover, adding soil or seals the openings around the edge of basement window or under the sill.

What about here? Just put in a well well and add soil? ](,)](,)
There was also an exterior crack in block wall in this area.
Installing a window well etc doesn’t fix/waterproof ANY of the actual-problems/reasons WHY water is allowed to enter the stupid basement!

–Window Well Drainage
More crap, another coffee break with Shell…vertical tile filled with gravel, lol

Leaking window well.
This is the kind of crap that often comes out of pie holes who aren’t experts on this subject and actually believe they are right and helping homeowners…NOT.

Gonna try and inform some again, you need to FIND, you need to locate, determine how, where the water is getting in and then fix it!!!
He doesn’t say that!!! loool duh

He and many others say crap like, auger, add gravel OR auger and add VERTICAL pipe/tiles and put gravel inside. LOoooooooooooooool.

EXAMPLE of that incompetent thought and recommendation…
did the VERTICAL TILES filled with gravel solve the actual exterior problems???
Pic’s 2,3,4
Those of you smarty pants who believe this BS and went to Stanford are simply wrong!
Yeah shtt sure, overall your smarter than the average Milkman but that doesn’t mean on this-subject baby, nope, so sorry.

ALL… these homeowners do not leak anymore…NOT because there was some supposed need to re=grade or add a window will or drainage in the well but because somebody took the time to find, locate their actual problems and then fixed/waterproofed them.

Yet again, someone placed vertical drain tile near basement wall and window and filled with gravel… did that find, locate the REAL problems and did that waterproof the problems? No, sorry.
Photo 4…vertical tiles
Photo 2…Should they have put in a window well?
Would that have kept underground water from entering the exterior cracks?
Nope, but keep dreaming.

See the scraper?
Let’s say there was a window well here and HO had water coming in basement.
So, Shell and some others tell homeowner to auger 1-2 holes in soil, lool, and put in some vertical pipe/tiles and add gravel…INSTEAD of, removing some of the soil inside the well and seeing if there is a gap, crevice under the sill. Knock knock, anybody home?
Umm, see scraper? There was also an exterior crack in block wall.
Hmm, so just because the leak was under a basement window they SHOULD have added a window well? Really? And then add soil and slope it away lol. THAT… would have solved the actual problems huh?

Sometimes the sill has a crack+ in it or the sill has deteriorated, is falling apart and needs to be replaced. Its not about installing a window well and adding soil,.j kristmas.

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