Basment utility sink drains to floor

I can’t find any where in my searches where this utility sink in the basement is draining to. It looks like fresh concrete was poured around the drain pipe. There is a sump pump setup about 5 feet away but i cannot remove the lid to see if the pvc drain line goes into it.
The sink is below the main drain/waste line for the house and a pump out is needed.
Any body have any idea whats going on here?

Is it a sump pump or an ejector pump. Did the sump pump run while running water in the sink? Obviously there is a difference. A sump is for storm water and the sink drain must have an ejector (waste water) pump. If you can’t determine operation just recomend further evaluation.


I could not confirm if it was a sump pump or ejector pump. Lid would not come off and i was concerned about damaging the pump. Im going with your suggestion. Thanks Bob!

This is actually pretty easy to determine. Did it pump into the sanitary sewer or outside? This is very very basic stuff.

You can turn on the faucet at the sink and listen for water draining into the sump pit. And the pump should eventually turn on, as others have noted.

Do you have a photo of this pump?

did a moron install an interior basement drainage system? there is a GAP and stones or gravel etc where bottom of foundation wall meets floor, can you see/tell if they J-hammered basement floor along perimeter of that wall?

gap is a wonderful entryway for radon gas

'Specifically, radon enters homes through cracks in foundation, construction joints, cracks in basement walls, sump holes, plumbing penetrations… it can enter through visible and non-visible cracks in the foundation, dirt floors, hollow block walls etc

those who install interior drainage system never seem concerned they create entryways for radon inside n do NOT seal/waterproof any of the exterior cracks, block walls etc… more incompetent self-seving crap butttt, they say they care about you so much, they love you! lolll shtttttttttttttttttt

i took another look while sniffing a pile loll and appears someone may have installed an INT system

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