Sump Pump???

What is the correct name for this type of pump? It looks like an ejector pump for sewage but not being used it that way. It is located in the basement and I assume it is connected to the a french drain or floor drain pipe and designed to eject drain back up if it should occur. The drain terminates to the exterior.

Is there a bathroom, shower stall or other component behind the wall to the right of the photo?
It is not a sub drainage pump.
It is modified for unusual practice I suspect.

The year of the house and some more photos please.
Exterior drainage shot and more shots of the pump further awy to include a larger view.
Some older homes had weeping drainage.
The basement or slab was built on 2 to 3’ feet of 3/4 clean aggregate.
The sub drainage pan or basin was circular or geometrical 24 to 30 " deep but perforated. Water peculated into the basin as the water table rose.
It pumped up and drain outside. When the lot is sloped correctly most flows downstream.
Last month I saw an exterior exhaust system but it was normal basin and pump…
I can’t understand the need for that component in the system.

It is a Brass bilge pump. I would suspect they needed it because they could not find a strong enough sump pump to push the water the required distance up and out.
This type is used for high volume water removal during floods.
I will also say that it must be sealed but I would not leave the extension cable on the floor for supply to the unit.

This type of pump installation was offered to home owners by the city for those home owners who do not have a sump pump. The discharge pipe exits through the rim joist and terminates about 12 inches from the foundation directly on the grade. There was a big push by the city about 15 years ago. I need to call the city to find out more about the installation.

Let us know John why it needed a stalk if it is not in a submerged sump pit?
Also why it has not been supported on the 1/3 hp motor?

That is a hack offering by the city. They could install a sub drainage if there is sub drainage lines.
Look at the exhaust location.

  1. The city has problems with the drainage systems.
    I have seen plumbers with no idea of sub drainage. WOW
    IN the case of the city.
    If there is backup in the city sewer system due to flooding or other extreme conditions maybe they thought of the 3 way diverted check valve or back water valve being suspect by the builder.
    Remember I am speculating.

The other thing I have seen is the home owner or hack plumber install the waste or Gray water from an adjacent room into a branch line.
I have seen this twice.
In my case the branch was clogged with link.
It was a weeping sub drainage system and the weeping or perforated basin and abc piping clogged with lint.
The lowest room ( laundry ) in the split level.
It was a 3 week job.

That is why I asked you if the room adjacent the pump had to remove gray water.