Combined sump/ejector

Inspection yesterday in Western Springs, just outside of Chicago. The foundation drain tiles appear to empty into the ejector pump. The house has winterized for 11 months, but I was surprised to hear the familiar sound of water draining into a sump pit, but there is no sump pit, just an ejector pump. The ejector even turned on while I was there. The house was in mid-renovation when it was foreclosed, and I think they converted a sump to an ejector for the laundry room they were trying to install. I know some areas do not allow the draining of ground water to the sewer, but any other reason this is a bad idea?

How do you know that drain tiles are connected to that 3/4 inch PVC?

Seems like the drain tiles might begin to get a little funky if they are being treated like waste vents.

I didn’t say that the drain tiles are connected to the PVC. I think it was a sump pit that was converted to be an ejector pump for the laundry room that was installed and a bathroom. Instead of a separate ejector pump they are using one pit for both.

Mike this is what I saw …
The foundation drain tiles appear to empty into the ejector pump.

An ejector pump is different so I take it that you were able to open this lid and determine which kind of pump?

Ejector pumps have sealed lids ,so is there a bathroom in the basement?
That part is fine.

What is the small line for?

Bob, the lid is sealed. Here is an updated image. I am assuming that it is a dual pit because the water to the house has been off since April '09, but you can hear water draining into the pit and then the pump actuates and the outlet is attached to the sewer line. The laundry and bathroom are yet to be completed but the drain lines are installed and run to the pit. To answer your question, the cover was not removed, so I did not confirm it is an ejector pump, they could have a sump pump in there, and I did comment on that in the report.

The drain tiles do not connect to any PVC, again I am assuming that the drain tiles are under the floor as per a usual drain tile installment. I think it was a sump pit and pump, then the owner converted it to accept drainage from the bathroom and laundry. I am just curious as to what is the downside of this configuration. I know that many cities do not allow the ground water to empty to the sewer line, like the city I live in, but is there any other issues with it. Seems to me that it would not harm anything if left this way.


Gray water only, or waste also???

Either way, it should have a venting system. I do not see one in the pic.

The vent is there, you just can’t see it in the image because it is above.