Ejector pump or Sump Pump

1970 condo, Illinois. Sewer line went through the wall. Laundry in the basement, no bathroom in the basement. Condensate line drains into sump along with floor drains. The pipe is draining into the the sewer line going out the wall. Appeared drain tile may be draining into sump as well. Sump pumps are supposed to drain to the exterior of the home, while ejector pumps are used to drain into the sewer at a higher elevation. Ok so is this an ejector pump or sump pump? Sump pump because it may receive water from foundation drains? Ejector pump because of the way it’s configured? It has no vent like an ejector pump should other than holes cut out in the cover. Not sure how to call this out or if I should.
Thanks in advance for any help

sump, that is not a grinder pump

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Sumo pump. Grey water and as you noted No vent pipe.

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So basically this needs to be discharged out the wall like a typical sump pump. Even though laundry and condensate drain into it? Can laundry water get pumped outside? No bathroom waste.

By the way thanks Randy and Chris

Check with your state or county health department. Some states do not allow surface discharge of gray water. Missouri is one of them. Missouri’s reasoning is there is a small amount of fecal matter in laundry, i.e. skid marks.

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Ok, thanks Randy. I think I’m going to write it up as an unconventional sump/ejector pit system that needs to be evaluated and repaired as needed by a licensed plumbing contractor.