Bath Sink Drains uphill

I came across this situation in the photo. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Just force from height , i bet water is laying in the pipe . not right should be fixed lol

The whole thing is messed up.
Where is the p-trap?

There is no demand for a blind HI:p

Agreed, but the trap is behind the plastic bottle…

Amateurish under-sink drain plumbing with improper slope toward drain and improper (accordion style) fittings…

A CMI with 13+ yrs. of experience/membership posting about a stupid 5 dollar repair that can be done in less than 10 minutes by most reasonably competent individuals? :-k :roll:

What! You better than that brother.
I guess you made yourself King of the Forum.

Behind the scope bottle cap.

Sorry, it does not either.

I don’t see no hill nowhere. :|.)