Upside down trap???

Never ran across this one before…Comments???


Richard that is not considered a proper trap anymore! I bet you can just smell the roses on that one.
It was obviously leaking so they turned trap up to fit the bucket in.:mrgreen:

Never seen such an array of products to accomplish simple drainage plumbing.
How many different glues did they have anyways?

Lucky the other joints did not leak. The trap was affective before the actual trap. :slight_smile:

Marcel they went with a Christmas theme! Complete with snow.

that needs replaced Richard…repair by a qualified plumbing contractor nuff said…

Sure it is. It will hold water before the up turn;)

:shock: :smiley:

OK I should change that to a proper trap! LOL Fixed

As John said, it will hold water, but might not function as intended. :wink:


Yep, I’ve seen this guy (a re-habber) do no traps and S traps, but this one was his finest hour!!

Anymore? When what is ever “consider proper”?

Missed by that much!!!

I agree Chris, I have no idea when that was ever accepted proper. ;):slight_smile:

At one time it did have a proper trap pointing down and could easily be fixed. It does not have to have a clean out if it can be taken apart. I see this set up everyday.
I would be more concerned about the water lines then that mess as it is easy to fix where as who knows what glue they used on all the fittings.

Wow, thanks for the explanation.

I’m glad you understood it. :smiley:

I still think the p-trap should have a clean out but the cheap way is none at all. If you ever had to fish out a ring your chances are better with one to retrieve it.

Were you looking upside down when you took that picture?

Quite an impressive effort! Was it a contest to see how many various materials could be cobbled together.