Bathroom and Kitchen sink piping

Does anybody have any idea what typoe of Piping. I am thinking galvanized but seems the home was renovated 10 years ago why not put PVC.

Well, about the only that can’t be seen in that photo are the water lines (or type of plumbing pipe). You need to show the pipes at or behind the metal trim rings, coming out of the wall.

Why would anyone want to put chrome plated brass traps under an enclosed sink base?

It seems as though the traps are chrome plated. The drain extension tube is plastic and the supply lines look like gray pb or plastic.

Because that’s what the DIY store sells, and everyone knows “metal” is stronger and lasts longer than plastic!!

Here is the bathroom

Your are only showing tailpieces and p-traps. If you want to know what type of piping is in the house pull back the escutcheon to see. The wye under the sink is too dark to see what it is. I hope your photos in your reports are of better quality.

I expanded the picture, and it “looks” like, the new piping was used to match the old piping, which is metal. To accomplish this, rubber connectors and hose clamps were used.

In your first picture, it “looks” like the drain pipes were change at some time, but appear to be connected properly to the wye pipe. When the sink was changed, they added the PVC.

As others have pointed out, clearer pictures would help.