Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Hi fellow Inspectors,
I am trying to fine information regarding the installation of a ceiling fan in a bathroom…
I vaguely recall that there is an electrical safety issue with ceiling fans within 3 feet of a shower / bathtub or sink…

Can anyone clarify for me. South Florida / West Palm Beach

Charles Segal
Home Sweet Home Inspections

Instead of us trying to guess what you have and/or are trying to do, why don’t you post in the members section of the MB, and post some pics along with a better description of what you HAVE.

I think you will find you get a better response and more factual information that way.

This thread is really intended for the general public to ask an inspector a question.

if you are asking for the National Electrical Code reference for having a ceiling fan installed in the shower/bathtub zone as defined in the NEC without getting CODIE on you…its 8’ vert. from the threshold of shower shall or rim of bathtub up and 3’ horiz. out. This zone does not allow ceiling fans in that specific zone and is all emcompasing.

Well I cant resist…the NEC section is 410.10(D) (2011 NEC)

You can try Hover fan.