bathroom door passage width?

This powder room door width was 24" and then necked down to ~18" due to the vanity. Apparently the door opening was moved once already and this is how they left it. I recommended a pedestal sink or moving the door opening. Is the door opening width (24") required to continue into a room by any code that isn’t ADA? I can’t find it if so.

We’re not code inspectors, ADA… no way. Just report what you see, and if you want to comment that it does not appear to be “common practice” or “current standards”… no recommendation needed.

No different than exterior pool bath door that are routinely 18-24 inches wide, depending on year built. Some clients have to turn sideways to get through.


Just report the deficiency, don’t start designing solutions.

That is much smaller than the code requirement of 32" for rooms with 10 sq. ft. or more. I would not mention code in my report. I would just make the client aware of the narrow width.

Before starting to design the solutions, you must first report for the deficiency.