Shower Door Size ?

Is there a required shower door size, i.e., minimum 24 inches wide?

116_1343 (Small).JPG

No there isn’t Peter, that I know of, or read in any code book…“nada”.

Depends on the “width” of the client. :wink:

True…I do know some folks who would not fit through there even greased—:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I heard a greased pig could slip in any opening. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

Thanks for the visual Dale! :smiley:

helps if they open outward, too
less than 20" on this one :shock:

Like a sauna, a shower door should open outward for safety reasons.

I guess you got in the shower to test this one…

I am a bean pole, so entry/exit was not a problem. Opens outward.
It’s new construction, so I was concerned, and recommended review of the plans, etc, etc, etc.

Richard M was close–there is no door minimum, but the maximum user size is directly proportional to the entry opening.