Bathroom Clearance- Tub wall to cabinet

I know there are all kinds of bathroom clearance codes but I don’t see one specifically pertaining to the clearance between a tub wall and cabinet.

Would this fall under egress from the toilet?

I know its not a code inspection blah, blah, blah but I just want to know if I missed it somewhere.

BOTH bathrooms in the home are like this which makes me more apt to at least make a note of possible limited access.


I don’t know of any code that is specifically for bathrooms. It is worth a mention but I would not dwell on it to much. The buyers have obviously looked at the home and would notice this. It is likely not a big issue for them.

In Wisconsin they require a 30" clear door opening/ 32" door in todays code. No requirements for comfort. There is a suggested minimum in the front of the toilet, but I can’t recall. Google

irc has prescriptive bathroom layout/space requirements

Thanks Barry, great link.

Thanks for the link, familiar with these. Mostly looking to see if there is anything about egress pathway width requirements. The only thing I see is the 21" from front of fixtures.

“egress” is not defined in irc
emergency escape & rescue opening is & cited often
current door and aisle minimums are 32" clear opening
we’ll often find lesser in remuddled or older homes
tactfully note observation & move on
some of the openings encountered are not for the horizontally challenged
wait until you get 1 that actually kills the deal

Clean bathroom by tiles cleaner or call plumber.