Width of door?

Is there a requirement that a bathroom door be a certain width? If I don’t give the right answer this guy is going to get me into a choke hold and…:smiley:

Yes! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should clearify… check with your local AHJ… Minnesota ammended their Statutes I believe back in Feb. 2009, due to the narrow doorways in the many century old homes we have. I cannot locate my file of the revision, at this moment. Point being, you are in Texas, you need a Texan answer.:smiley:

I’m not aware of a code requirement, but 24 inches is a practical minimum. Once again, it’s a question of code versus good practice. Even if the code permitted a narrower door, good practice dictates at least a 24-inch door, and in some cases even wider.

Just over the line in Hawgboro it had been a requirement that all privies on the fairgrounds be a minimum of 1.5 axe handles wide. It was reported last fall that one lass from up in the county needed 2 axe handles, one of which was applied to the town selectmen after an embarrassing episode. It has been added to the ordinance that 1 of 3 units will have overhead doors.

…and if that doesn’t work… you get a bigger axe handle.

Shower door minimum is 22 inches. That much I know.

No requirements, owner likes or he doesn’t.
By the way how is Katy,Tx. I grew up there?

Your building code will define minimum door openings including means of egress requirements. Obviously, we aren’t code inspectors. Building code is not retroactive and or grandfathered in my area. 30 X 80 inches is typical.