Exterior door help!

I’ve packed up my code book and I need a quick answer!

Can exterior french doors swing “out” onto a balcony, in a condo development? This is a second story balcony, no other levels above.

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Why Not?


For one it makes it easy for an unwanted person to just knock the pins out of the hinges and get in. But this is a second story unit, but the first floor units are the same.

More of a security thing.

There’s nothing that prohibits it, but common practice is for residential doors to open inward.

The reason is to reduce the chance of being trapped in your home or bedroom by objects that have fallen against the outside of the door.

In areas where snow is a factor, there may be local ordinances against outward swinging doors.

Hurricane code in some areas requires that all exterior doors swing outward.

Jeff… snow? You had to dig pretty deep for that one.

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Mr. Pope is a one stop correct answer. He is smarter (more studying) than most posters, as he either knows the answer or he looks it up to be sure before posting… I tend to shoot from the hip bad for me…

Wise man is Mr. Jeff Pope. Kudos to you.:cool:

I knew that… Lol

Plus, typical outswing doors have the hinges designed to prevent popping them out.

A local fire fighter told me that he finds outswing doors more often at policemen’s or retired policemen’s homes than any others…to prevent kicking the door in…interesting observation.

Many logical thoughts here. Thanks all!

First, I believe all public places require outward swinging doors. So in a panic people can get out.

Second, as a fire fighter, when you wear an SCBA your center of gravity is all off. So we use tools to get into places. Sometimes keys.

Third, these are FRENCH doors. How tough can they be? A fire fighter tries to ‘kick in’ a FRENCH door, and ends up falling down. He/She might as well just leave America.

Ha ha ha tough FRENCH doors. Next there will be trough FRENCH motor cycle gangs. Maulings by FRENCH poodles. FRENCH soap that actually tough on dirt. ha ha ha. <thinking/laughing out loud>


I think these policemen that he spoke of were more concerned about bad guys than firefighters…