Just put the sub panel here it's o.k.

This sub panel was located behind the finished wall of a basement bathroom.:roll:

I’m glad I moved the boxes that were stacked up in this area. :cool:


Of course it was behind the wall, Code clearly states that panels are not allowed in bathrooms.

lol…love the Plumbing Pipe in the dedicated space…and Sure there is enough clearance to work in that panel…Sure…lol

So much for those professional and trustworthy local code inspectors and all those contractors and sub-contractors who hide behind them.:mrgreen:

lol…that would be IF it was even inspected period…

improper clearance

What would make you think that was ever inspected? If they did that, chences are the whole bathroom was unpermitted and other violations abound.

There were many issues with the entire finished basement.

What was even better was that there was no access provided for this panel in the bathroom.

And isn’t not obtaining a permit a code violation itself?

And isn’t the contractor supposed to obtain a permit?

Even if the work was done by the homeowner, they are also supposed to obtain a permit.

In any case, it’s wrong, the ‘system’ didn’t work and the poor ol’ HI takes the grief for finding it.


A system can’t work if people don’t USE it…sad to say many things UNSAFE and WRONG are done even if the system was perfect, it can’t police what it knows nothing about so the system is not at fault…it is the ignorance of the consumer and their DESIRE to have the final product be it RIGHT or WRONG…I find that the REASON they dont pull permits is because they know their DREAM of a bathroom at that location would probably not happen so the “IT’s My House” mentality takes over and whamo…it gets done and the inspection process was never involved because the inspection process knew nothing about it.

The system did not fail…the PEOPLE fail the system

Gotta Add : "The Code Inspection System will always fail if it relies on the ignorance of the DIY consumer "