Bathroom Remodel

Hi all. I am new to the forum. There is some great info here, thanks for the help!

I am remodeling a master bathroom. It is very small (about 8x4). It currently shares a circuit with the main bath. I’d like to put this room on its own 20amp GFCI circuit. THere is currently only a light over the vanity (no fan or outlet in the room). AFter the remodel, I would like 1 outlet, a light over the vanity (200watt) and a light/fan (100watt) in the ceiling. My understanding is that the fan should be on the GFCI circuit anyway so can I just use one dedicated circuit for everything in this room or do I need one for the outlet and another for the lighting? I realize that its probably not ideal to have the lighting with with GFCI outlet, but I am not concerned about being in the dark as its a small room and there is a window.

Second, if this is possible (code) is there any reason that you cannot use 15amp switches on the 20amp circuit? My understanding is that this is ok, but the reverse is not but I am by NO means an expert!


A branch circuit providing power to a bathroom receptacle may also provide power to other equipment, such as lighting and exhaust fans, but only within the same bathroom. If the branch circuit provides power to a bathroom receptacle and other equipment, the circuit cannot provide power to any other bathroom. A branch circuit providing power to bathroom receptacles cannot provide power to any receptacle or lighting outside of bathrooms.

The bathroom must be on a 20 amp circuit but the receptacles may have an individual rating of either 15 or 20 amps.

Good luck with the remodel.

That is exactly what I wanted to hear, only 1 wire to run :smiley: Thanks for the help!

You should contact some expert who can personally check it out as you haven’t attached any picture so its difficult to understand.