Bathtub height

I know there are many different styles of tubs out there. New ones have opening “doors” to help those who need it to get in and out of their tub. But in the last 5 years I’ve never run across this one before.

It’s a “sunken” tub and anyone will be able to see it as they walk through the home. But this is one of those DLR’s. (My term from Doesn’t Look Right). This is a grand house that was built in 1963.

Any thoughts?


Recommend adding “Watch Your Step” sign. :shock:

Hope nobody drinks in that house!

Or pees in the dark.

I did recommend GFCI’s to be installed. Getting knocked back from the counter could be a little painful! How about a fence?

Self-closing, self latching…

I’d say it’s a non-standard installation that poses certain hazards and they should view it themselves for acceptability.