Tub/Shower Light

I did not mind touching the switch from outside the tub.:smiley:

What the heck is with some people ?


It’s no more dangerous than a non-GFCI receptacle near a sink. As long as there isn’t a shower there, which you imply there might be!

You could use a hair dryer in the tub! And watch TV!

I hate going to hotels where there is ordinary, uncovered halogen bulbs above the shower. Scares the bejesus out of me.

And is that an extension lead? Tut tut.

That light is not a listed light (as part of the shower assembly) and the receptacle is not GFCI protected.

“Click to Enlarge”

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Nice van…erm motor home…erm house?

1970 mobile Tony, good eye.:wink:

Found this one a few weeks ago. It won’t be bothered by moisture !!

Well it is a porch light…

And if it’s anything like my porch light it will read “suitable for wet locations” quite clearly.

Looks like a case of asking the wife/husband to get one that said that from Home Depot, and that’s exactly what they got!

“tempered” frost painted window and Friday’s regular-ole can light

Sellers and agent were pissed that I noticed both items at all the bathrooms.
Besides that the shower leaked.

What did you call out on the light?

**The can light over the hydro-tub is not approved for this wet location installation, replace with an approved fixture. ****Consult a licensed electrician for labor and material estimates prior to closing. ****

See what a pre-listing could have done for them, tisk, tisk, tisk


And so they will install a porch light, that is suitable for wet locations!

Anyone feel that we could be going round in circles here?

Forgive my ignorance, but what is wrong with installing a porch light in an indoor wet location, other than aesthetics?