BBB membership worth the cost?

As title says, is BBB accreditation worth the cost? Sharing experiences good or bad would be appreciated thank you.

No, unless you enjoy wasting money

If you want to collude with them in deceiving the public.

Watch this sad decide for yourself. IMO the BBB is a total crock of Bull…


I was an accredited A+ business for 10 years. I decided not to renew in 2015 because I was upset I received a bogus AAA review from a seller upset with me as the buyer walked and he blamed me for his dog getting outside the fence. (it was more like his crawl had 2 feet of standing water).

I renewed again this year and I am disappointed I did not keep my membership intact for the 12 year duration.

Seems I get 1 or 2 inspections as soon as I renew my membership fee.

The BBB has never asked me for any money other then the yearly membership fee.

There are probably better ways to invest the $399 or $420 fee, but to me it is worth it.

I actively avoid businesses that display BBB Accreditation, because I know what it actually means.

Its a sham but some people believe it provides value. Kind of like flu shots, they say they work but not for everyone.

Not worth the money. Although InterNACHI is a member:

The BBB of today is not the BBB of the 60’s and 70’s. It is now nothing more than another marketing company that wants your money. About the only people that rely on BBB “ratings” are those over 50 years of age, and they still use phonebooks too. :shock:

BBB A+ for me here in KC for over 12 years. I pay every year, and get 2 to 5 inspections per year from them, and over 75 web site hits. The BBB offices are different from city to city, just as every other trade. Some good, some not so good.

What’s are those?? :wink:

It’s in your phone.

Oh, I remember them quite well, thanks.

I see a lot of inspectors still advertise in the yellow sections of our local phone book.
I look to who does but never look in the yellow pages to find a company.

I’ve been a member since 2004. I have clients tell me all the time they hired me because of my A+ rating and all the positive reviews on the BBB website, also, I receive on average one inspection a month directly from their website, for me it’s a no brainer.

Personally, I hope my competition feels the way most of the inspectors here do. :smiley:

Same as Kevin…

My membership with BBB has been worth it.

I have had an A+ for years on the BBB. I am not a member anymore and never thought it was worth it but I am sure it works in some places, not a big deal here in the Twin Cities.

Never had anyone mention it to me, ever.

BBB are locally managed so that may be why responses to your questions are all over the place. I am a member and I get enough inspections through them to pay for the membership, but not a lot. Being linked through their https: site is supposed to be better for your SEO than links on an http: site or so I was told.

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