I have been approached by the BBB is it worth the money and effort, open to any and all thoughts.

Jeffrey McDaneld

In my opinion…NO!

I agree…NO.

Typically, if they (anyone) approaches me for my $, it is not for me.

If someone approaches me for my $, typically, it is not worth it.

IMHO, no.

We are members though: .

I have an A+ rating and have never joined or paid a dime. The only people that use the BBB for information about any business is people over 70 who got the name out of the Yellow Pages… :wink:

F the BBB. Nobody looks to the BBB for your business unless they are 75 years old. The BBB called me to get me to pay for some listing or other and as always I say no, I don’t pay to advertise and next day my A+ rating is gone and now its NR with no explanation. F the BBB. They operate like YELP, who takes down positive reviews if you dont pay to advertise with them.

Yup, the BBB is an archaic entity that used to mean something during the age of land lines and no internet. Most of today’s clients don’t even know what the BBB is.