For profit BBB franchises?? - Not what you thought!

Also do a search for “Personal Finance for Canadians for DUMMIES” and “BBB”. You’ll get to Page 96 and some consumer advocates opinions on the BBB. One BBB guy in south Florida was taking cash from members to keep their ratings at A+!

The BBB here seems legitimate. They would not award InterNACHI our A+ rating until we were with them for a year. We had to provide documented proof to the claim that we were the “largest” inspection association.

The problem is that the public sees the BBB as some arm of government or pseuodo gov NGO with no bias in the accreditation and rating process. They have a big bias in the whole process called “MONEY”- they are franchise operations just the same as any other like Meineke, Burger King, etc. I tell my kids- when it come to money, power and sex: TRUST NO ONE!

See that in the past if you are not a member but a complaint was lodged against your company, they will not mediate/arbitrate the complaint unless you join the BBB- a strong arnm tactic. Good to see that this policy has been changed due to the Connecticut gov.

They like most other industries have to make living .
They also do not hide behind a Unlisted company name like you .
I wonder why you hide your name and Information and then expect others to be out in the open


I agree Roy, I don’t have much faith in someone that’s too ashamed to reveal their identity.

It must really p_ss you guys off then when myself and a guy/gal named “vinnie” are filling in members on the HVAC thread.

What does it matter about names if the information we provide fills a gap, is accurate and correct?

I got a call from Angies list the other day, for 70 bucks a month they will make sure my name comes up on the first page.