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Interesting article, Claude. Thanks for posting.

Another significant change is monthly reporting of “complaints” by the recognized associations to BC Consumer Protection.

I’m not sure if those associations will share the possible shortcomings of their training with consumer protection. It would essentially be a shot in the foot. Just my opinion of course.

Good point Stephan, however the associations have at least agreed to work together. However, time will tell.

It’s a step in the right direction I suppose. I guess I’m just not sold on it all yet. It would be nice to see some stats since 2011 (before/after licensing)

-Complaints filed
-Lawsuits (won/lost)
-Number of inspectors
-Operating Costs
-Insurance rates
-Consumer trust/satisfaction

There’s much talk from the associations and the government, but I’m more of a fact kinda guy. If you have any links to share, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks Claude!

That is the questions you want to ask. Other statistic is where the complaints are coming from geographically and what Associations share the most blame for damage to the consumer.

I can help you out on one of those points Kevin.

Since 2012:

We got 8 complaints via email from people complaining about their inspectors who were not members of our association, we pointed them to the right association. None were referred to InterNACHI or OntarioACHI.

Of the complaints that were against members of OntarioACHI and have been closed (as a Director I can’t see the ones that are still with the Discipline committee)

We got 2 complaints lodged by a consumers:

One was retracted almost immediately because the client gave the wrong email address for the report to be sent to.

Another was from a home owner who’s sale fell through because of the inspection report. He was concerned about the inspector leaving internal doors unlocked. This required some education for the inspector, but otherwise no harm no foul.

We got two other complaints from one inspector from outside of the association complaining about comments made by inspectors from our association and these were both cleared up amicably although we fell down on sending notification to the complainant of the results and outcomes, and have adjusted our practices accordingly.

The geographic locations were all in Ontario.

Hope that’s helped you.

Here’s one report - http://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca/home-inspector-news/957-results-of-bc-home-inspector-insurance-survey

The other is based on pre-licensing where the report indicates the crux of the problem - http://www.nationalhomeinspector.net/homeinspectionreportBC%5B1%5D.pdf

Of course political pressure by one association also helped drive licensing. But that one association did not become the key association that sought to rule the inspection industry in BC. It often takes a concerted effort to help neutralize that from happening. Something akin of reducing the chance of a monopoly taking place.

Well on the suits won/loss - good luck, that’s real tough data to get access to get complete information. Not all events are tracked, hence the new complaint tracking system directed to BC Consumer Protection. Of course the $200,000 claim and win against a CAHPI inspector that made the national headlines also had an impact on adding fuel to the licensing fire!

I have found similar concerns in other provinces where large claims reached the desk of a provincial minister;that causes "everyone"including the industry in general to become suspect.

Anyways, enough for now - hope this helps.

Cheers, Claude

Yes Claud and thanks for posting this.

Thank you Claude!

Very interesting indeed. It’s a shame this we don’t have more evidence of lawsuits as this appears to be what it driving licensing.

Much appreciated

Well now you are thinking Stephan.

Stephen looking closer at your comment, you might want to make some corrections.

Thank you.

Yes and that is not always the case because many don’t want to complain. However the best Inspectors are InterNachi with the least complaints for sure.

Drilling down - some complain about the tit-for-tat ongoing mudslinging because of posts that have transpired on this forum. Perhaps they need to reflect on their own short comings.

Certainly it would also be the nice professional thing to do to is realize the source and the ongoing comments that caused this forum to be littered with such garbage. It may provide entertainment for some, but respectfully not not helpful or educational for most members.

You hit the nail on the head Claude!


I am calling on CMIs to police their own. What about it?

Ouch - sorry Michael - my post was directly aimed at you!

Policing the CMI sounds like a great idea, but will it detract from boosting those member numbers?


Sorry if this is a little off topic, but I’ve been looking for lawsuits in Canada involving home inspectors and had not seen the one mentioned above yet. Here’s a link with more info, including the court documents, if anyone else is interested: http://www.aaron.ca/columns/2009-11-21.htm

The only other cases I’ve found so far are these two in Ontario:



Does anyone know of any other cases or settlements involving Canadian inspectors?