BCAM-SD one year old for sale

There are a lot of good resources here (once you wade through the marketing crap).

David Valley and others (you know who they are) can provide a wealth of information.
Some have fallen by the wayside due to conflict, but may arise to the occasion for someone that has given so much, for so many years.

I do not recommend that all HI’s get into TI.
But because of your extensive background in home inspection, this technology will only enhance your abilities and service to your clients.

Thanks guys,

I am sure that I will have many questions over the next couple of months.

Good question David, I know that some paper work has to be filled out but I don’t foresee any problems. I’m going to FedeX it on Fri. for Greg and if there is a problem, I will talk to Flir Canada * about having them ship it to Greg.*

Congratulations Greg,
With formal training and the deal you got, you will find that you made a good investment. It is what you make of it. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to meet with a statewide community energy assistance group in my county to do energy surveys and provide infrared inspection services.

Get a good url and go for it:https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/registrar/search.asp?isc=yhkw100b&ci=8962&checkAvail=1

I have a few already.


That should get me started.

Congrats, Greg!!

I will see you at IRINFO in January.


Thanks Kevin,

I am looking forward to the seminar. I hope the weather stays this way. It has been in the 70-80 for the last two weeks. Are you planning on staying in Cocoa Beach again?


Web Site Domains -

Any thoughts on the words in your Domain Name??

Thermal Imaging vs Infrared Inspection

Why is the camera sticking up on top the B-Cam.

Don’t you use PIP?

The B Cam doesn’t have fusion.

Greg, if you want fusion, use photoscape (free).

Congrats Greg.

Yup, I use Photoscape. The “Page” feature allows you to place the digital image alongside the IR image. Select “Page” then click on “square_right_2”

I use it for all my website inserts.

Here’s a sample…

editor>object>pic icon>photo>select a pic to overlay>crop-strech-rotate to fit>save as.

Hi Greg,

I received the wire transfer from you today, Thank You.

I have tracked the camera and it is now in Jacksonville, hopefully you will receive it this week.

If you have any questions please e-mail or call me!

Hi Mario,

Glad to hear that it went through ok. The camera is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I have been reading the owners manual all day.