Flir Canada, BCAM SD

I just picked up my camera BCAM-SD Paid $6750+taxes=$7695 in total. They wanted $7700+ tax and when I told them I can buy the same camera from a US distributer for less FLIR CANADA decided to give it to me at the same price. The company I purchased it from gave me a video I-POD [my daughter will love it] and $500 toward my Level 1 certification course which takes place in Toronto in Dec.

I can’t wait to start using it as part of my reg. inspections!!

Any tips from BCAM users will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanking you Guys/Ladies in advance!


Click the bottom link at the bottom of and download the WORD template to see some verbiage you can use to market it.


Thank You John and Nick!!!

Go gettem Mario :slight_smile:


This thing is amazing!! I just scanned my place but could not find anything wrong. That’s because I built it:p .

BTW Unlike our friend Will Decker I will not be leaving this camera in my truck overnight.
I was thinking of maybe sleeping with it!!:mrgreen:

Gee Mario, Thanks a lot for that picture in my head.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that picture in my head Mario:p:p

Please make sure the camera is turned off ,
It could be embarrassing if some one gets a copy of the disk if it gets left on.

OH! MY …

… Cookie

I agree. Mario should not try to “turn it on”:shock:

Good Luck with it !!!


Thanks Justo!!

Michael you and Roy crack me up!!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that :mrgreen:

Make sure to check out the course I wrote. Good to get you understanding the basics. Download from here: . Download the Thermal Imaging II.

Call me if you have any questions.

Hope this helps;

Good luck Mario, you have just opened a door to a new career.

If he does, he should turn on the ‘zoom’ so it makes things look larger.

Bill Mullen’s evil twin :twisted:

Thanks Will!!!

Thanks Peter!!
I thought you were going to say “You just opened a can of worms” I hope to be certified Level 1 in Dec. and then I will be offering this service to my clients and relatives [no charge for friends or relatives].