Be careful out there!

So this was yesterday

and today a little old lady runs a red light.:mad:

Hope u are ok thats what matters first! but holly chet!

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors before going to bed tonight, and don’t leave the house tomorrow !!! Glad you’re okay!

Nice new flames on the side. Man, that hurt. Trucks are our babies.

I will! I went out for an estimate and almost hit deer!

Don’t feel to bad. Someone ran there bumper along the drivers side of my truck from bumper to bumper. I get it out of the body shop, get new lettering installed and a week later this guy in front of me in an old beater pick up looses a chunk of plywood, which goes sliding down the drivers side of my truck. The insurance guy just shook his head and wrote the check and the body shop asked if I wanted a coupon book, since I was becoming a regular. :smiley:

Man that sucks John, nice looking truck too!:slight_smile:

DAMN…thats just funny stuff. Well its OVER…bad things come in three’s and you are done now…Glad to see your ok…but damn what a string of luck. Glad to see your ok and everything is going well. Now you know what sucks? Getting the truck fixed during our busy season…

Thanks guys.

I should have the truck back in THREE weeks. I got a f150 rental though.

By the looks of it, sitting higher up in a truck probably saved you from being hurt.

Yes it did save me some, and the running boards saved her!

John, take the hint and trade the truck :wink: I’m glad you’re OK mate

Be safe


Get a color that stands out, man got to go through times of bad luck, to get to the good times.

Glad your OK.