Sad Day...

Last Friday I kept my wife’s vehicle home to do a brake job and oil change. She took my van to work. While parked out front of the store with no one around, a little old lady backed out of her spot while flooring the gas pedal (like on the youtube videos). She took out the side of the van and ended up in the front window of this store. Luckily no one was hurt. My faithful van has done it’s duty but is no longer (darn it!). Now rental is almost up, inspections booked, stressing to find another vehicle. Maybe the Realtors will drive me!

Nick has us an amazing deal on top of the best discounts you can get on a Ford. Better check it out or you will be $6000 sorry like me :slight_smile:

Sad for your van but glad no one was hurt .
Looks like a rental is needed immediately .

She did you a favor, that thing has served it’s purpose…:slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing. Glad to hear that there were no injuries though.


Yup, now it’s time to “man up” and get a ‘real’ inspection vehicle!! :razz:

Not sure if that deal works in Canada.
Does anyone know for sure?


Yes, had one all week. It’s going back Monday

Yes but had lots o’life left in her. Shame

If you’re talking about a truck, they just don’t do it for me. Maybe a mini cooper!