What would say about this beam and the way it is sitting on the concrete?


Repair as required to maintain 3" min. of bearing for the beam and provide end bearing restraints as needed. :slight_smile:


The seller said he bought the house that way, there is nothing wrong with it. LOL!!!

Buck, ask him to get a sign off from a SE. :mrgreen:

Marcel has nailed it.( Your answer, not the beam:p) What is holding everything there in place laterally? Looks like bent over nail…structural engineer time.

Looks like the guy was thirsty when he did that

At least it wasn’t Bud Lite cans. ha. ha.

After blowing out the preformed beam pocket cast in the foundation with a sledge hammer, I would be thirsty too! I guess. :slight_smile:

Contractor did not read the blue prints, to add the beam pocket