Became a member, now what?

Looking to get into the home inspection field so I joined InterNACHI to soak up all of the education I can. I am having a little trouble with which classes I need to take and in what order?

  1. Under the “Initial Membership Requirments” in my education transcript I have completed the Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors and InterNACHI Standards of Practice but there is still the Online Entrance Exam left to do. I assume that I need to wait to take the entrance exam until I have completed the 12 classes under “Courses Required for CPI Membership (within first year)”. Is that correct?

  2. If the meat and potatoes of the education needed to become a home inspector is in the “Courses Required for CPI Membership (within first year)”, is there a recommended order in which to take them? It seems like it is aimed towards someone who is already in the home inspection field and is looking to become InterNACHI certified rather than someone who is starting from scratch (although I do have a decent amount of home construction experience) and needing a course that takes you from the square one basics all of the way through taking the exam and performing your first inspection.

Am I missing something or even starting in the right place? Thanks

I’m surprised you have been able to become a full member, and not student member, without passing the entrance exam first.

It must be getting easier to join.